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What is your body trying to tell you?

Have you ever stopped to think about what your body is trying to tell you when you experience a symptom or injury? Do you ever stop to think that it could be a message? That your body might be trying to tell you something?

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We sometimes hear and interpret messages from our bodies quite easily and logically – for those who have had the unfortunate experience of a burn out, it’s quite clear that the body just can’t cope any longer, can’t keep running at the pace asked of it and needs things to change. A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes can cause people to address the amount of sugar in their diet, a message from their body that the way they are eating isn’t supporting it.

But sometimes the messages aren’t as clear, sometimes it takes time and space to tune in and understand what the message is and what to change in order to address things.

For years, I suffered with hormonal migraines (and still do to some extent). The problem was I wasn’t aware of my own cycles and rhythms. I grew up in a an environment of “whatever men can do, I can do bleeding”, Tampax adverts of women playing tennis in white shorts, you know the sort of thing I mean. And yet when I learned more about that cycle, the ebb and flow of my hormones, the things my body needed at certain times to feel good, things changed. I started to listen to it. I know now when my energy levels are highest now (hello oestrogen!) and when I need to retreat a little, take time to sleep and rest and relax, hand the stress over to my support team, feed my body nutritious foods and drink some extra water. I made shifts in my lifestyle to accommodate that. I I stopped ignoring my body and started listening to it.

When I started to practice Nutritional Therapy, I approached everything with scientific testing, strict dietary recommendations, very specific supplements and it works, it really does work. But it’s not the whole picture and to think that we can simply eat our way out of situations is sadly not what I have experienced either personally or professionally. And that is why I spent the last year digging deeper into the metaphysical using Archetypal Alchemy; digging into behaviour patterns and all those subconscious beliefs that keep us stuck in situations, unable to make the changes that we need to make, unable to hear and respond to the messages that our bodies are giving us.

So many times clients have had big declarations when they have started working with me. “I will do anything to fix this IBS but I CANNOT give up gluten”, “I can do whatever it takes to banish my horrendous PMS but I WILL NOT give up my 8pm glass of wine”. Whenever I hear these things I always know that they are at the crux of the issue. It cannot be denied. Their bodies already told them.

Yet up until now I lacked the skills to help my clients dive straight in here and deal with whatever the real issue was. What is the belief that makes them think they can’t give up the gluten or the wine for a while? What is it that really needs to change in order to support this change? I have the knowledge and tools to support these clients now and I am ready to get faster and deeper results that are truly sustainable for the long run. For those of you who are ready to let me guide you, I am ready to help you find and make sense of the messages your body has for you in a much deeper way and support you in finding ways to change, ways to move forward, ways to realise those goals of truly thriving.

Good food and nutrition has been and remains, the cornerstone of good health for me. Without the right ingredients, our bodies can’t function like the amazing machines that they are. But now I am building on what I can offer people, with the addition of this new insight, with the addition of a whole toolkit of new perspectives and ideas and suggestions that will allow my clients to delve deeper and make the radical transformations that their bodies are really telling them to make.

The journey has already begun with the clients I am working with right now, and if you’re curious to know more, why not drop me a line at or book a free 30-minute strategy call to discuss it further?

Are you ready to really thrive now? Let's do this! Catherine x


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