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90-minute online session

This is for you that knows you want to start a spiritual journey of discovery, that feels it’s time to test a new piece of this puzzle called life, that’s ready to understand yourself at a deeper level.

What you get

  • A 90-minute online session

  • I have a number of different coaching tools at my disposal to support you to start bringing to the conscious and making sense of whatever challenge or question it is you want to address

  • This could be a health issue that your body is using to communicate with you, or a situation which you are looking for a different perspective on, or it could be a pattern that you see repeating and want support in breaking free from


What you don't get

  • Calorie-restricted meal plans that leave you feeling hungry and sad

  • Guilt trips about everything you eat or do, they just don't help

  • Recommended supplements are not included in the cost of the plan 


How much does all this cost?

The session costs just £65 or 750kr


When do we start?

You up for this? There's no time like the present. Schedule a free fifteen minute call with me right away - for a time that suits you, and pop in the notes that you'd like to do the "Need a Tweak" package. I'll extend your session to 45 minutes and reply with a link for your pre-session questionnaire

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Archetypal Alchemy

My coaching is anchored in Archetypal Alchemy, a gentle, compassionate technique that nurtures conscious awareness of behaviours and beliefs, leading to a greater understanding of who we are, self-acceptance and healing. 


It’s woven through everything I do, but if you’re less bothered about the nutrition and want to focus your efforts at an energetic level, go deep and figure out what your body is trying to tell you, this is for you! 

12 Week Turnaround

Hire Catherine

  • Motivational speaking

  • Live demos in person / online

  • Employee wellness workshops

  • Personalised employee packages

  • Organisational wellbeing consultancy

  • Wim Hof breath work and nutrition retreats in Jämtland Sweden


Inspired by nature and sustainable health, Catherine is an engaging speaker, seasonal ingredient chef, registered nutritionist and wellness coach, combining her passion for simple, practical lifestyle goals, with holistic nutrition, fun and inspiring live demos and cook-alongs, and empowering the workforce to see the contents of their fridge, (and their minds!), as nature's best tonic.

Reduce staff sick days, medical appointments, and staff turnover. Improve retention, motivation, increase creativity and innovation, and give your workforce the greatest gift possible, by empowering them to take charge of their own health and vitality.

It's a win win outcome. For you, and your workforce. 

Catherine's most popular workshops and talks include:

  • That Gut Feeling

  • Eat to Beat Stress

  • Food to Fuel Performance

  • Good Mood Food

  • Feeding Growing Kids 101

  • The No-Fear Menopause 

  • Sleep Like a Pro
  • How to be a Keen Teen Feeding Machine
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