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  • Catherine Pohl

So what is a women’s circle anyway?

You may have seen that this past year I have been holding regular women’s circles in my local community. It’s something I just get more and more passionate about doing and really feel the benefits from myself as well as supporting the women that come along. But perhaps you aren’t really sure what a women’s circle is or what to expect if you participate in one? In that case, please read on…

Maybe it’s an age thing, maybe it’s a collective change, but I personally feel that I have started a new journey in my life these past few years, one that has left me seeking answers about who I am, why I’m here, what I really want to do with my life. Subtle shifts that feel like an expansion of my soul, a deeper connection and purpose. I quite literally see so many aspects of life very differently than I did in my early 30s and it’s both exciting and scary in equal measures. I feel there is a spark in me that really wants to shine brighter.

As we walk through life, we take on many different hats. We are daughters, friends, colleagues, perhaps wives and/or mothers; we are professionals but also homemakers as well as negotiators, diplomats and peacemakers. We are cleaners and chefs, and also teachers, accountants and project managers. Yet many of these hats just land upon us. The wheels were set in motion many years ago and here we are, the wearers-of-many-hats without necessarily actively choosing them all.

And that is not to say that I don’t want my hats, I love many of my hats and feel so grateful to wear them and have some much in my life. But at the same time, I find myself wondering about the other hats I didn’t choose or ever really explore. I feel that sometimes some of these hats are a bit uncomfortable. I wonder if I couldn’t take off some of these hats, at least for a little while, maybe try on a new one. How would that feel? Could that spark within me shine more brightly without the hats, or with a different one?

So often these are difficult conversations to bring up with those closest around us. Perhaps we perceive a risk in sharing a desire to explore changes and new paths. There often isn’t time either, with all of these roles we play, to explore alternatives. Yet there is a longing in me and the women I work with to do just that. Just test things out without having to upset the apple cart of day-to-day life. See if I there isn’t a way to do things a little differently, in a way that might be just a bit more satisfying.

That’s what we do at women’s circles. We all have an inner wise woman in us, but it’s so easy to feel disconnected from her, to not hear her anymore. A women’s circle is a place to explore ways to reconnect with her. We use movement, music, art, creativity, breath, silence to connect back in as well as nurture relationships with the other women we meet there.

So perhaps you would like a break from regular life, some time back for yourself with no external expectations and demand. A safe space to be, explore, feel seen and supported without risk of negative ramifications on your wider life. A space to explore your dreams, follow your intuition for a while, try some things out. Or maybe just a space to be for a while, before putting on a hat again. A little moment where there are no expectations, no judgements.

Are you feeling the call of the inner wise woman? Or would you just like to try and find her again? Are you ready to start having conversations with other vibrant, evolved women? Would you like to deepen your intuition? Do you want to connect with a supportive community to help you more easily navigate the stresses of life and your path forwards?

Maybe a women’s circle is for you…

So often we dim our light, but really this fire is what makes us magical. It’s time to light your spark again, allow the fire to burn bright and build a deeper trust in your innate wisdom. It’s time to be you for a while.

I run monthly women’s circles together with my wise sister Petra at Jep’s Place in Borgvattnet, Jamtland. The next one is this coming Saturday, 30th September, 4-8pm, and the next will be 28th October 2023. If you’re interested in joining, please drop me a line and I’d love to send you more information.

For those of you in the UK, I will be co-hosting a beautiful women’s circle event with my dear friend and wild wise woman, Zoe Barratt on 14th October 2023 at her home near Stroud. Full details and booking can be found here.

Catherine x


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