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  • Catherine Pohl

The first step: How do we Thrive?

Previously I called my 5-week course “Eat to Thrive” – why? Because I really believed that food was the way to good health for everyone. Now I’ve changed it to “Thrive in Five” – why? Because I am evolving and I want to acknowledge my own journey and encompass so much more than just what is on your plate.

For me, the first step towards thriving was through my diet. That journey became, and still is my passion, such that I want to teach and share it too. Small changes in my diet helped me transform from tired, sluggish, bloated and often feeling low, to feeling energised, clear of mind, motivated for life and loving the way my body looked again. None of these first symptoms warranted a medical examination or diagnosis, yet I knew I could feel better and I decided to take a step, any step, towards changing that. And I did.

But what I recognise even more now is that dietary changes were only the first changes I made. That first step that led to more steps – different exercise that suited my body and my soul and protected them from burn out. Next came the big move to Sweden – to nature. I needed nature. Nature quietened my mind, allowed me to relax more deeply and sleep more soundly. Then came the cold – ice bathing and wild swimming. Never in a million years would I have imagined I would embrace that, but I did. I could. I had started to take the steps towards feeling like a better version of me and it gave me the strength and courage to try and that in turn gives me more strength and courage. Now I am personally working on connecting more deeply with my soul (more on that to come) because I have the capacity to do so. Because I took that first step of making small changes to my diet…

I really see that the journey is different for everyone, but once you start, you find yourself going further than you ever imagined you would. Achieving things you never imagined you’d dare to do. Feeling truly alive and thriving.

So I changed the name of my course. It’s still mostly rooted in food and diet, but it acknowledges that there is more to good health and living your best life than just the food you eat. And it has room for balance within that, room to allow you to flex and try the things that work for you, plus consider other things that might be the easier first steps for you, so that you build you energy back up, you start to feel stronger and more able to do more things that will help you to feel even better.

What’s holding you back? What better day to start your journey than today? For if we do not make a change… what will change?


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