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Book recommedation: “First Bite – How we learn to eat” by Bee Wilson

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

“Some find the whole matter of eating easy, while others find it hard. I used to be on the wrong side of this great divide and somehow, to my own surprise and relief, leaped over to the other side.”

Sometimes how we eat and our relationship with the food we eat is more important than the actual food we are eating. Think about that for a moment...

Eating should be such a simple pleasure that fuels and nourishes our bodies. Yet so often it isn’t. We get stuck in a “diet culture” where food can be used to shame or punish us. Having studied nutrition, I’ve also been through my own eating journey – learning which foods nourish and support my health and which don’t, but simultaneously walking that tightrope of not being obsessed with vitamins and minerals, fibre, essential fats and probiotics etc!

Too much focus on these aspects also doesn’t create a healthy and relaxed eating environment, which is also essential for good digestion, mental health and healthy life-long habits.

Wilson is not a nutritionist nor a psychologist, yet she artfully navigated both these disciplines to produce an extremely insightful book that prompts us to reconsider our own relationship with food without ever feeling we are being judged. I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t found doing so a useful exercise, myself included, and often recommend this book to my clients.

I also found this book incredibly helpful when weaning and feeding my own children and supporting other parents through this same process. There is so much information about what to say and now say to new eaters and fussy toddlers, but getting a deeper understanding of why that is is invaluable in reacting intuitively and with confidence.

It also allows us to relax a little and allow our children to follow their own intuition with regards what and how much they need to eat. I think we can agree that our ultimate aim is to raise children with a good understanding of how the right foods help them to develop and thrive, but also build a healthy relationship with and desire to eat these foods for the long term.

When it comes to raising healthy eaters or changing our own eating habits, understanding the “why” of how we eat is just as essential as structuring our plates in the right way and reading this book has also helped me to support my clients to bigger and better successes.

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